About us

Sustainable development and quality management

The heart of corporate culture is the heart of a good product

Dedicated to socially responsible business

The foundation of our group and operations is socially responsible and transparent business, which we strive to achieve through daily activities within the organization, but also through engagement in the community and responsibility for the environment.

Our values ​​represent 4 basic pillars in the organization:



“Customer Orientation”

“Enthusiasm for success and innovation”

which represent the heart of our corporate culture, determine the identity of our company in the eyes of our employees, customers and consumers.


Quality control

Certifikat ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018

In order to demonstrate the credibility and quality of our company to customers and business partners, we obtained the basic and most widespread international quality standard that proves the company’s ability to produce high-quality products.

FSC® certificate

FSC certification represents the confirmation of the chain of care for the sustainable development of the world’s forest resources, forest ecosystems, and thus the ecological balance. The chain of care follows the FSC certified material through the production process from the forest to the consumer, including all intermediate stages, and all owners in the production chain must be FSC certificate holders so that the final product can be marked with the prescribed FSC marks. The certificate enables consumers to recognize wood products that come from forests that are well and responsibly managed.

By continuously improving the production process, we have gained the trust of our customers, which in the future we will continue to adapt to legal regulations, but also to the needs of customers and consumers.

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