About us


Since our founding in 1995, Drenik ND has been a private family company with a long tradition in the production and distribution of pulp master rolls and finished products.

Drenik ND has two factories in the system with headquarters in Belgrade (Serbia) and Szolnok (Hungary), with an annual production capacity of over 110,000 tons of hygienic paper, which is processed into toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins, handkerchiefs, universal towels, industrial towels becomes one of the leading producers of hygienic paper in South-East Europe. Of the annual production capacity, 70% goes to the total finished products and 30% to the further sale of pulp master rolls.

Sales take place in more than 50 countries under the brands PERFEX and BONI. By focusing on key markets, we increase market shares and brand recognition in all markets where we appear.

We adapt all processes to market opportunities and contemporary conditions in the industry. We build our competitiveness on the recognition of opportunities in individual markets, react to them and build a strong partner network based on mutual cooperation. Successful innovations, digital transformation, leading work on sustainability and efficiency improvements contribute to increasing the value of customers and consumers, and thus employees, owners and the wider community.

Our goal

Dedicated to improving well-being through leading hygiene and health solutions


Dedicated to improving well-being through leading hygiene and health solutions, and achieving long-term value creation for customers, consumers, society and employees.


As a company that is strongly customer-oriented, we are always open to questions and you can always contact us with full confidence. We strive for excellence at all times, and our expertise, professionalism and customer care is what makes us your best choice.

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